Setting the PACE for sustainability

PACE has been a partner to many companies who have worked to reduce their water consumption wherever possible. PACE is now working on becoming an even better water and energy partner with our initiatives and unique approach to helping companies reduce their energy consumption in ways they did not know they could.

As an innovator in the water treatment industry, PACE built a reputation for ensuring that the systems which heat and cool our homes, offices and recreation space are well protected. Their passion for constant improvement stems from their mission statement to exceed client’s expectations.  As the world started to take notice of climate change and water scarcity, external pressures, like LEED building certification and Government initiatives moved equipment manufactures towards new GREEN technologies. This created an ongoing evolution in the technology that heats and cools our interior environments and with it, created new challenges. PACE embraced this new landscape, creating custom tailored solutions to the issues of corrosion, scale, biological fouling, and water conservation.

Having helped tackle these challenges, PACE faces a future that is growing ever more concerned with energy consumption. New initiatives include an energy savings additive, that when added to heating or cooling systems, will reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 10-15%. PACE will continue to protect the system that control our interior environments and exceed expectations by setting the PACE for sustainability.